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Flare is aiming to be an active high-end 10 man raiding Guild on Xavius. Created by several real life friends who have had Ex-Experience with being leaders of hardcore-raiding guilds in the past. After many years of raiding together through TBC and WotLK, we've decided to dedicate our time to create a raiding guild Xavius with an aim to clear all Cataclysm content. Getting to the point where we are today with our past raid experience wasn't easy, building up a core raiding team with people we can trust and rely on proved to be difficult, now we have to do it all over again. When wipes occur, we're quick to identify the causes by asking our raiders, but not in a such a way as to humiliate, or inflate the ego of others. I think these aspects provide a huge help toendure the tension during progress raids or the stressful timesevery guild goes through.

In order to bag yourself a place in this guild, you will need several things; Endgame-raiding experience, the more the better, but you do need to have some. Skills, adaptability, fast reactions, and the ability to decide for yourself. Thorough understanding of your class/spec and the mechanics of raiding. Best gems/enchants, grinding rep for gear improvement, and best shoulder/head enchants. Being able to raid 4-5 times a week (sometimes on weekends) maturity, good attitude, and team spirit.

You should be dedicated, and willing to challenge and better yourself under any circumstances. We expect that your skill will be up to par with any of our other current raiders, and encourage competitiveness and drive to push yourself to become more efficient and better at adapting to any fight or any role. We expect that as a raider you're dedicated to sticking around for the long-haul. We're constantly striving for achievements and challenge, so you should be prepared to take on hard-modes or other meta achievements alongside everyone else. If this isn't something you're interested in, please don't bother applying.

Fluid Performance - Every encounter is different, and how you mold your DPS (or HPS) strategy around the niches of an encounter determines how much you can maximize your output. People who can adapt to every encounter, new or old, on the turn of a dime, are the people we wanted back when we raided.

Perfect Awareness - Maximum performance is definitely necessary, but we are not interested in people who tunnel vision their Recount or raid frames. We want players who can adapt quickly and effectively against raid encounters while maximizing their output. IE: don't get pulled into the Twilight realm on Valiona and Theralion.

Learning Attitude - It's very rare to find someone who is perfect at everything they do. We're not saying we do not condone a small level of arrogance; but in a raid environment, especially during progression, people must be open to criticism and correction of their personal strategy against an encounter. 

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We've just started using DKP :)

Ugotfiveshot, Mar 17, 11 8:39 PM. 

Check it out to see your current DKP! 

13th of March

Ugotfiveshot, Mar 14, 11 11:24 AM.
Guild has been made, recruitment will start soon.
We're Recruiting several classes/specs and will take all Applications into consideration.
So-and-so has logged on!